Essence of forest

2 gr Japanese cyprus
1 gr Japanese cedar
400 cc mineral water

Soy milk paste

600 gr soy milk yoghurt

10 gr sesame paste
5 cc soy sauce
20 gr sugar

Soy milk yoghurt

600 cc soy milk
6 gr malt sugar
60 cc Lactobacillus (the bacterium that produces lactic acid)


50 gr kombu
60 gr dried tuna
1.6 litre water

Earth and moss

1000 gr tempe (derived from soy)
400 cc Dashi (Dashi 8; soy sauce 1; Mirin 1)

Black earth

50 gr
bamboo charcoal
20 gr dried onion
1 gr black pepper
30 cc sherry vinegar
50 cc olive oil

Green moss

250 gr chlorophyll
20 gr fried tofu
10 gr powdered green tea
15 gr powdered shiso
50 cc olive oil

Burdock syrup
: water 2 : sugar 1.
1% bicarbonate.
Wild herbs


Shave the cypress and cedar using a carpenter’s plane (Kanna in Japanese). Soak the wood in mineral water for 30 minutes. Strain the water and chill.
Mix all the ingredients for the soy milk yoghurt and ferment for 4 to 6 hours at 40ºC. When solid, keep chilled to obtain the desired acidity.
Mix the ingredients for the soy yoghurt paste.
Heat the water with the kombu without bringing to the boil, and add water to reduce the temperature to 90ºC. Add the dried tuna and leave to stand for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the tuna, dry it with kitchen paper and prepare the dashi ("Ichiban" Dashi).
Add the soy sauce and mirin to the Dashi to prepare the "Happo" dashi.
Crush the tempe and mix with the “Happo” dashi. Bake to 95ºC to dry (while keeping the moisture low) and divide into two portions. (A)
Place the bamboo charcoal, dried onion, black pepper, sherry vinegar and olive oil on one half of (A) to make the black earth.
Pour boiling water on the fried tofu to remove any excess fat. Bake at 100ºC to dry, and crush in the blender. (B)
Distribute the chlorophyll, powdered fried tofu (B), powdered green tea, powdered shiso and olive oil onto half of (A) to make the moss.
Submerge the burdock in syrup and bake in a steam oven for 10 minutes. Fry in olive oil at 180ºC.
Distribute the soy milk yoghurt on a plate to represent the Sotoyama landscape and sprinkle with the black earth and the green moss. Decorate with burdock and leaves of edible wild herbs.