Star anise distillate:
200 gr water
200 gr alcohol
30 gr star anise
Distil in a vacuum at 25ºC 

Potato emulsion:
200 gr boiled potato (Agatha variety)
200 gr extra virgin olive oil
200 gr water
Beat while cold to obtain a smooth consistency

Savoy cabbage:
Savoy cabbage
Extra virgin olive oil
White wine
White wine vinegar
Rosemary extract 


Wash the cabbage and roast over hot coals, with salt. Add white wine and white wine vinegar. Wrap firmly in brown paper and aluminium foil and leave to mature for 7 days at 4ºC.  After the 7 days, take off the outside leaves, cut the cabbage in half and wrap firmly in brown paper and aluminium foil and cook sous-vide at 120ºC for 90 minutes.
Cook the outside leaves in a non-stick pan, then freeze. Beat to obtain a thick emulsion.
Cut the cabbage into slices 1.5 cm thick, then bake for a few minutes. 

Season the cabbage slices, then cover with the paste made from the outside leaves. Add a few drops of the star anise distillate and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Serve on a bed of the potato emulsion with the rosemary extract.