Cream of celeriac and pumpkin:
400 gr. celeriac, cut in dices of 2 cm
800 gr. water
200 gr. double stock
200 gr. cream
100 gr. virgin olive oil
50 gr. chopped truffle
150 gr. pumpkin in dices of 2 cm.
Crab infusion:
Clarified stock from cooking crab legs.
Herb salad:
10 sprigs fresh chervil
6 leaves fresh coriander
1 fresh mint leaf, chopped
3 fresh basil leaves, chopped
3 small sprigs fresh fennel
1 fresh tarragon leaf
2 rose petals
15 fresh chives
Julienne of celeriac
Truffle, artichoke and cardoon:


Scallop sandwich
Freeze olive oil bread then cut into wafer-thin slices. Arrange slices to form a cross and fill with scallop as if filling ravioli. Season with salt, after first flavouring it with smoke, and gently toast in a non-stick frying-pan until the bread is crisp and the scallop is warm.

Cream of celeriac and pumpkin
Mix the double stock with the water and bring to the boil. Cut the celeriac and pumpkin into 2 cm. cubes and cook in the stock. When soft, blend with the cream to make a fine purée. Add the virgin olive oil and the chopped truffle and season.

Herb salad
Carefully select and chop the leaves.

Julienne of celeriac
Cut the raw cardoon into thin julienne strips. Cut the celeriac into fine sticks 2 cm. long and 1 mm. wide. Finely dice the truffle and the artichoke. Mix together similar amounts of celeriac, cardoon, artichoke and truffle and, just before serving, season with salt and dress with oil.


Decorate one side of the plate with a strip of celeriac and pumpkin cream. Top with the dressed julienne of raw celeriac, cardoon, truffle and artichoke. Sauté the sandwich for three minutes on each side and place on the other side of the plate. Garnish with 2 gr. of the bouquet of herbs. Serve the crab stock separately from a jug.