INGREDIENTS (for one guest)

1 large diver caught scallop.

5 grams of following ingredients
diced granny smith apple mixed with maldon sea salt, brunoise of bannana with lime juice, sultanas poached in apple juice and chilled, mango chutney poppadom, cucumber and mint, curried pinenuts, yoghurt and garam masala shaved raw cauliflour with corriander. Cauliflour poached in coconut milk and pureed. Coriander, salt fleur de sel mixed with coriander seeds,cardomon pods, and cinnamon sticks which have been toasted and ground to a coarse powder, 1 teaspoon of ground cummin, madras curry powder and ground coriander mixed together salted butter, wild lime juice.


Dip cleaned chilled scallop in the ground spice mix. One side only arrange all the garnishes around a plate to loosley resemble an abstract clock. Roast scallop spice side down in hot pan with ground nut oil. Sear until spices release aroma, add salted butter and caramalise. Turn in pan and cook for a further 1 minute; rest for approx 2 min., spray with wild lime and season with coriander salt.


Place in centre of "clock".