INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)

For the coconut and turmeric sauce: 
30 ml. of corn oil
3 gr. of black mustard seeds
5 gr. of ginger cut into julienne strips
5 gr. of green chili pepper cut into julienne strips
3 gr. of curry leaf
20 gr. of shallots cut into thin slices
4 gr. of powdered turmeric
200 gr. of thick coconut milk
salt as desired
10 gr. of chopped (not very small) coriander stems and leaves
For the coconut khichdi and toasted pine kernels: 
30 ml. of corn oil
30 gr. of butter
2 schallots (eschallots) cut in slices
1 teaspoon of chopped ginger
1 teaspoon of chopped green chili pepper
120 gr. of basmati rice
300 ml. of chicken clear soup
1000 ml. of coconut milk
30 gr. of grated coconut
salt as desired2 tablespoons of toasted pine kernels
For the spice coating:
1 tablespoon of coriander sheeds
1 tablespoon of fennel sheeds
2 green cardamoms
1 aniseed
For the sea bass with spice coating:
4 sea bass filets cut and without boned
coarse salt as desired
spice coating


For the coconut and turmeric sauce: 
Grind the pretoasted spices into thick grains. Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the mustard seeds. Add the ginger, chilly pepper and curry when the seeds start to pop. Sauté and stir for 1 min. Add the shallots and cook at low temperature without allowing them to get brown. Sprinkle with the turmeric powder, blend thorougly and cook for another min. approx. Add the coconut milk and bring the whole mixture to the boil. Add salt and boil the sauce at low temperature.
Finally, add the coriander to the mixture and cook for 30 sec. Remove from the heat and leave to stand for 2 min.  Strain the sauce and set aside.
For the coconut khichdi and toasted pine kernels: 
Heat the oil and butter in a pot. Add the shallots and cook until mixture becomes transparent. Add the ginger and chilly pepper. Sauté for 2 more minutes. Add the rice and stir. Add the clear soup and reduce heat when the mixture starts to boil and allow to simmer. Add the coconut milk when when the rice is three quarters cooked. Add the grated coconut, salt and pine kernels.
For the sea bass in spice coating: 
Varnis the skin of the fish in the spice coating, add salt. Heat the oil on a non-stick frying pan and cook the fish first for spiced side. Turn the fish over when its colour starts to change. Reduce the heat and remove when it is almost done. Place the fish on a tray, paint with butter and finish the cooking in the oven.


Spread a layer of coconut and turmeric sauce over the bottom of the plate. Top the sauce with the coconut and toasted pine kernels khichdi.  Place the spice coated sea bass filet on top.