2 large sea snails
100 gr. salted Ibérico pork fat
50 gr. seaweed in salt
Olive oil
Yozu, to taste


Soak the Ibérico ham fat for 5 h. to remove the salt, drain and dry. Freeze the fat, then slice into wafer-thin slices.
Boil the snails in plenty of salted water.
When cooked, remove from the heat, drain and leave to cool. Extract the flesh from the shells and remove any soil or dirt. Also remove the hard membrane from each of the snails. Set aside.
Wrap each of the snails in a thin slice of Ibérico pork fat. Set aside.
Wash the seaweed, removing as much salt as possible. Dress like a salad with a little olive oil and yozu.


Form a base with a bouquet of dressed seaweed, then top with the clean snail shell, by way of decoration. Place the snail wrapped in the fat in the salamander so that the fat melts slightly. Spear the snail body with a metal skewer and rest on the shell and seaweed base.