Carrot emulsion

200 gr liquidised carrot
200 gr pumpkin seed oil
0.8 gr xanthan gum


250 gr sugar
250 gr water
250 gr pasteurised egg yolk

Sorbet base

2.000 gr water
360 gr dextrose
200 gr inverted sugar
400 gr atomised glucose
2.000 gr sugar
50 gr stabiliser for sorbet

Shades of orange juice

1.320 gr mandarin juice
1.320 gr orange juice
1.620 gr liquidised carrot

660 gr apricot purée
510 gr mango purée
360 gr passion fruit juice
180 gr tree tomato juice

Shades of orange sorbet

2.000 gr shades of orange juice (see above)
1.000 gr sorbet base (see above)

Egg yolk ice cream

900 gr shades of orange juice (see above)
600 gr sugar
600 gr pasteurised egg yolk

Mandarin sugar

500 gr sugar
500 gr mandarin peel


500 gr orange juice
50 gr sugar
3 sheets gelatine
0.3 gr xanthan


500 gr mandarin juice
50 gr sugar
3 sheets gelatine
0.3 gr xanthan


500 gr carrot juice
50 gr sugar
3 sheets gelatine
0.3 gr xanthan

Passion fruit

500 gr passion fruit juice
50 gr sugar
2 sheets gelatine
0.2 gr xanthan

Tree tomato

500 gr tree tomato pulp
50 gr sugar
2 sheets gelatine

Egg yolk

250 gr water
100 gr sugar
2 sheets gelatine
200 gr egg yolk


500 gr apricot purée
2 sheets gelatine


500 gr mango purée
2 sheets gelatine

Mixed shots:

200 gr orange shot
200 gr mandarin shot
200 gr carrot shot
100 gr passion fruit shot
100 gr tree tomato shot
100 gr egg yolk shot
100 gr apricot sho
100 gr mango shot

Blown Isomalt

500 gr Isomalt



PREPARATION: Carrot emulsion: Form an emulsion with the liquidised carrot and pumpkin pip oil, then stabilise by adding xanthan.
Make a syrup with sugar and water, bring to the boil, then remove from the heat. Add the egg yolk and pour into a pan. Cook sous-vide at 100ºC for 10 minutes with no fan. Leave to cool.
Sorbet base:
Place the dextrose, inverted sugar and atomised glucose in a pan with the water and heat to 40ºC. Mix the sugar and stabiliser well, then add. Heat to 85ºC. Leave to cool.
Juice of shades of orange:
Mix all the ingredients well in a kitchen robot. Strain.
Shades of orange sorbet:
When cold, mix the two ingredients well. Strain and transfer to an ice-cream maker. Freeze to -18ºC. When frozen, use a melon-baller to form into small balls.
Egg yolk ice cream:
Heat the sugar with half of the shades of orange juice until dissolved. Add the other half of the juice and, while cold, beat well with the egg yolk until smooth. Strain, and leave to stand for at least 2 hours. Transfer to the ice-cream maker and freeze to -18ºC. When frozen, use a melon-baller to form into small balls.
Mandarin sugar:
Mix the sugar with the mandarin peel and grind. Spread onto a silpat and leave to dry. When dry, grind lightly.
, mandarin, carrot and passion fruit shots: In each case, mix the xanthan well with the sugar. In a separate pan, heat some of the juice with the mixed sugar and xanthan, and dissolve the softened gelatine in it. Add the remainder of the juice.
Tree tomato shot:
Heat some of the pulp in a pan with the sugar and dissolve the softened gelatine in it. Add the rest of the pulp.
Egg yolk shots:
Heat the sugar in the water until dissolved. Add the softened gelatine, then add the egg yolk. Whisk. Strain and leave to cool.
Apricot and mango shots:
Heat some of the purée in a pan, then dissolve the softened gelatine in it. Add the rest of the purée.
For all the shots, heat the mixture until fairly liquid. Transfer to squeezer bottles, and squeeze, drop by drop, into liquid nitrogen. Strain and transfer the shots to airtight containers at -18ºC.

Mixed shots: Mix and set aside in an airtight container at -18ºC.
Place the isomalt in a pan, and heat to 160ºC. Pour into a metal ring to form a base, then blow to form a tube. Cut the tube into irregular pieces, and set aside in airtight containers in a dry place.

TO SERVE: Use a pipette to drip a little of the carrot emulsion onto the plate. Top with a little grated carrot, followed by a spoonful of zabaglione. Add two balls of shades of orange sorbet and one of egg yolk ice cream. Add a spoonful of mixed shots and a pinch of mandarin sugar. Decorate with pieces of isomalt and flowers.