Dumpling dough

260 gr rice starch
4 gr essence of carotene
310 gr water

Dumpling filling

1 head of garlic
3 onion
10 shallots
400 gr celery stick
10 tomatoes
3 litre red wine
2 wild ducks
10 gr toasted juniper berries
6 stalks lemon grass
300 gr galangal root

Carrot purée:

1 kg carrots
200 gr butter
2 tbsp salt

Carrot air

1 kg carrots

Tree tomato and wine ketchup:

12 tree tomatoes
2 litres red wine
30 gr garlic oil
100 gr icing sugar
30 ml. Tabasco sauce
60 ml Worcestershire sauce
200 ml rice vinegar
25 gr Sechouan pepper

Duck tongues:

200 gr duck tongues
500 gr olive oil

Spicy sauce:

00 gr dried tomatoes
280 gr chipotle
170 gr dried choricero peppers
20 gr smoked spicy pimentón

Mini carrots:

150 gr baby carrots
100 gr butter

Other ingredients:

Brik pastry
Smoked tea (Lapsang Souchong)

Dumpling dough: Boil the water with the colouring. When it reaches boiling point, pour onto the starch. Knead well until smooth and elastic.
Dumpling filling: Fry together the garlic, onion, shallot and celery. When soft, add the tomato and continue to fry. Add the wine and reduce. Add the juniper berries, galangal root and lemon grass. Brown the duck breasts, thighs and wings and add. Cover the mixture with water and simmer for 5-6 hours. When the duck is cooked, remove and break up the meat. Strain the sauce and reduce to the desired texture. Mix the duck with the reduced sauce and add salt to taste.
Carrot purée: Peel and cut the carrots, then steam. When cooked, place in the robot with the butter and beat to make a thin, creamy purée. Season with salt.
Carrot air: Peel the carrots and liquidise. Use an electric beater to make a carrot air with body.
Tree tomato and wine ketchup: Reduce the red wine to 100 ml then add to the tree tomatoes. Place in a vacuum pack and chill for two days. Blend in the robot together with the other ingredients. Season with salt and correct the texture.
Duck tongues: Trim the tongues then completely cover with the oil. Confit in the oven at 99ºC for 3 hours. Then fry in very hot oil to brown.
Spicy sauce: Mix the ingredients, forming a sauce with the desired flavour and texture.
Mini carrots: Peel and wash the carrots, then cook carefully in the butter.
Roll out the dough, add the filling and form into dumplings. Steam for 7 minutes. Arrange on pieces of Brik pastry and brown on a flat-top grill.
Serve on a plate the tree tomato and wine ketchup, the hot carrot purée, the baby carrots, the powdered smoked tea and the posticker dumpling.
Finish with the carrot air and a brochette of spicy tongues. (Serve the spicy sauce over the tongues – see photo).