INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)

12 shrimps
1 mango
1/2 clove garlic
20 cl olive oil
2 gr thick gel
25 gr wild asparagus purée
1 gr gellan gum
62 gr white Martini
2gr wild asparagus powder
4 mini wild asparagus spears
25 gr suet
50 cl sauce américaine
25 gr flour


For the mango alioli: Peel the mango and blend with the garlic. Add olive oil and thick gel to achieve the right consistency. Strain and chill.

For the shrimps: Peel and separate the head from the body. Remove the shell from the heads, dip in flour and fry.

For the asparagus sphere: Place the purée into 1 cm. half-sphere moulds and freeze. Make a jelly with the gellan gum and Martini. Coat the frozen asparagus capsules with the jelly.

For the mini asparagus: Blanch the asparagus spears and chill in ice.

Serve a base of mango alioli in a soup dish and arrange on top the lightly-grilled shrimp bodies. Add one fried head towards the top. Heat the asparagus sphere, sauté the mini asparagus and place next to the shrimps. Sauté the suet and place on top of the shrimps. Add a little sauce américaine. Finally, smoke the dish a little with a pipe and cover with a glass dome.