Strawberry silkworm: 
50 gr reduced strawberry juice
150 gr strawberry juice
55 gr syrup 
11 gr powdered albumen
0.1 gr xanthan 

Capri cheese crémeux: 
00 gr Capri cheese
50 gr cream

Sugar to make candy floss
Green leaves


For the strawberry silkworm: Liquidise strawberries to obtain 1.150 gr. Separate 150 gr of juice. Reduce the remaining litre to 50 gr. Mix the albumen, strawberry juice, strawberry reduction and syrup and blend well. Add the xanthan and leave to stand for 24 hours. Beat well and transfer to a forcing bag. Squeeze out onto the drying machine containers. Leave to dry for 24 hours at 55ºC. Remove from the drying machine and transfer to a plastic container with silica gel.

For the Capri crémeux: Heat the cheese with the cream in a pan until the cheese has melted completely. Blend in the Thermomix for a few seconds, then pour through a fine chinois. Transfer to a siphon and attach two cartridges. Chill.

TO SERVE: Turn on the sugar spinning machine. Attach a needle to the siphon and use it to insert the cheese crémeux inside the "worms". Spin the sugar and wrap it round the worms one by one. Serve in a box on top of a few green leaves.