Rose champagne granita:                
500 gr. vine peach pulp           
500 ml. rose champagne

White chocolate mousse:                 
700 ml. milk
1 pod Tahiti vanilla
100 gr. egg yolk
25 gr. granulated sugar
80 gr. corn flour
8 gr. sheet gelatine
350 gr. white covering
500 ml. cream (32% fat)                                             
200 gr. sugar

Vodka pearl:                                     
170 ml. water
500 gr. sugar (sucrose)
200 ml. vodka
Corn flour

Orange panettone / Chocolate panettone


Rose champagne granita: Mix all the ingredients and freeze. Just before serving, crush in the robot.
White chocolate mousse: Make a crème pâtissière with the milk, Tahiti vanilla, egg yolks, sugar and corn flour. Soak the gelatine in water, then drain and add to the hot custard. Mix well and add the crushed white chocolate. Stir until smooth and shiny. Separately, beat the cream lightly and add a little to the crème pâtissière mixture. Mix, then add to the rest of the semi-beaten cream and stir in gently.
Vodka pearl: Mix the water with the sugar and cook to 117ºC. Carefully clean the edges of the pan with a brush dipped in water. Remove from the heat and add the vodka. Cover the pan with a clean cloth, and leave to stand for about 5 min. Remove the cloth and very carefully and slowly transfer the mixture to another container. Repeat this operation 4 or 5 times until the mixture is smooth. Fill a container with corn flour and indent the surface with pearl shapes. Fill these holes with the above mixture. Sprinkle with more corn flour to cover and place in a heater at 40ºC for about 8 h. Turn over the pearls and leave to dry for another 6 hours. Remove from starch from the pearls, and leave to cool. When completely cold, remove any surplus corn flour with a soft brush.


Arrange the orange and the chocolate panettone on the plate like rocks. Fill an oyster shell with a spoonful of white chocolate mousse. Very carefully place a vodka pearl on top, and finish the plate with the rose champagne granita. Place the oyster on top of the panettone rock.