Canteloupe melon juice:     
1 Canteloupe melon, weighing 500 gr.

Spherical Cantaloupe melon caviar base:            
250 gr. Canteloupe melon juice
2 g. sodium alginate

Calcium chloride base:               
500 ml. water
2.5 gr. calcium chloride

Passion fruit seeds:  
1 passion fruit, weighing 60 gr.

10 sprigs fresh mint
4 50-ml. syringes, with a hole 0.5 cm. in diameter
10 30-gr. caviar cans


Canteloupe melon juice: Peel and seed the melon. Liquidise the flesh then pour the juice through a superbag. Chill.
Spherical Canteloupe melon caviar base: Mix the alginate with 1/3 of the melon juice. Blend until smooth. Mix with the remaining 2/3. Strain and leave to stand at room temperature for 30 min.
Calcium chloride base: Dissolve the calcium chloride in the water using a whisk.
Passion fruit seeds: Cut the passion fruit in half. Use a spoon to remove the seeds. Chill.


Fill 4 syringes with the melon caviar mixture. Squeeze the mixture drop by drop into the calcium chloride solution. Leave to cook for 1 min. Strain, wash the resulting melon caviar in cold water and drain off any surplus water. Place 25 gr. of melon caviar in each can. Decorate each can with 8 passion fruit seeds and a sprig of fresh mint.