The sunflower shoots emerge from the asphalt made from meringue tinted with squid ink. Beneath is an edible filling – earth made from Borodinsky breadcrumbs and sunflower seeds, fresh cheese mousse, poached egg, dill pesto, spring onion and spicy salted herring


Spicy salted herring, poached egg and creamed cheese:

1 chicken’s egg

15 gr fennel pesto

20 gr herring fillet

50 gr curd cheese mousse

15 gr Borodinsky bread earth

2 gr spring onion

1 gr dill

3 gr cucumber and sunflower shoots

11 gr black meringue

175 gr total ingredients 

Borodinsky bread earth:

100 gr Borodinsky rye bread (with cumin and coriander)

10 gr pumpkin seeds

20 gr hazelnuts

3 gr ground coffee

3 gr salt

10 gr dried red boletus

5 gr sunflower oil 

Squid ink meringue:

150 gr egg whites

20 gr squid ink

3 gr apple vinegar

20 gr corn flour

20 gr powdered isomaltose 

Herring fillet:

180 gr herring 

Curd cheese mousse:

750 gr curd cheese

500 gr fresh cream

3 gr gelatine

Dill pesto:

400 gr dill

400 gr vegetable oil



15 gr apple vinegar

2 gr garlic



Spicy salted herring, poached egg and cream cheese: Process all the ingredients in a kitchen robot and strain. 

Squid ink meringue: Gently beat the egg whites, then add the vinegar and beat at a higher speed. Add the isomaltose and corn flour. When the consistency is dense, add the squid ink and mix a little more. Spread out thinly forming a disc shape (about 12 cm in diameter). Dehydrate at 50ºC for 2 hours.

Herring fillet: Wash the fish, remove any bones and fins. Cut into 1 cm dice.

Fresh cheese mousse: Mix the curd cheese and cream in the Thermomix but do not beat. Transfer to a siphon. 

Dill pesto: Blanch the dill for 1 minute, then refresh on ice. Drain and dry. Freeze in nitrogen, then grind in the Thermomix. Add the garlic and beat again while adding the oil and apple vinegar. Add the seasoning and a little xanthan. 


This starter is served in layers.

First serve the poached egg and cover with the dill pesto. Place small pieces of herring fillet, spring onion and dill on top. Then serve the curd cheese mousse and cover with the Borodinsky bread earth and sunflower seeds. The top layer is a disc of black meringue, which should be broken into a few pieces, with the cucumber and sunflower shoots appearing through the cracks.