Rusty iron yoghurt:
40 gr rusty nails
150 ml cream
100 gr sugar
300 gr natural yoghurt

Verbena sauce:
400 ml water
250 gr glucose
30 g verbena leaves
20 g pectin

Sautéed orange salad:

1 orange Icing
50 ml orange juice

Orange crème brûlée
100 ml cream
6 ml (1 small tsp) orange leaf juice (orange leaves and water)
4 gr thin orange peel (from about 2 oranges)
20 gr (1) egg yolk
15 gr sugar

Wine sauce:

100 ml dessert wine

Orange wood smoke
1 small orange branch
Strong orange liqueur (at least 50% vol.)

Plant juice: Leaves, seeds, cloves

Rusty iron yoghurt: Take clean nails, with no oil or grease. Wash several times and leave to turn rusty in a little water. Cook the cream with the sugar, glucose and rusty nails, then leave to cool for 2 hours. Pour through a fine strainer then mix with the yoghurt. Transfer to Pacojet beakers and freeze for 12 hours.
Verbena sauce: Boil the water with the glucose and leave to cool. Lightly blanch the verbena leaves then refresh in iced water and drain. Add the leaves to the cold syrup and mix. Add the pectin and heat quickly. Transfer to Pacojet beakers and freeze for 12 hours.
Sautéed orange: Freeze the orange and cut with the electric slicer into very thin slices (1½ mm). Sauté with butter in a frying pan, then cool with the orange juice. Sprinkle with icing sugar.
Orange crème brûlée: Heat the cream with the orange leaf juice and the orange peel, then pour through a strainer. Add the egg yolk and sugar and mix well. Pour the mixture into individual moulds. Cover with film and place in the oven. Cover the whole pan. Preheat the oven, using the steam function, to 100ºC. Bake the crème brûlée at 95ºC with steam for 16 minutes. Leave to cool then set aside in a cool place for 4 or 5 hours still covered with the film.
Wine sauce: Reduce to obtain sauce consistency.
Orange wood smoke: Cut the small orange branch into small pieces together with its leaves and leave to dry. Sprinkle with the orange liqueur. Flambé at the table.
Plant juice: Mix all the plants with ice because otherwise their flavour molecules will be affected during the heat that is inevitably produced during crushing. Place in a Pacojet beaker and press in firmly. Add sufficient water, press, then freeze for 12 hours. Return the mixture to the Pacojet in several batches, to obtain a smooth, thin consistency. Then strain.


First sprinkle a few drops of wine sauce over the crème brûlée. On a large plate, place the crème brûlée, and add the plant juice. Around this add a few drops of verbena sauce and sautéed orange. Form a ball of frozen rusty iron yoghurt and serve on top of the orange