100gr Chinese rice for desserts
Squid emulsion
4 pieces ink toast
Lemon salt.

Basic recipe for squid with squid emulsion
1 large, fresh squid, weighing 1.2 kg
100 gr single cream
100 gr sunflower oil.
Basic recipe for lemon salt: 1 lemon


Wash the rice then boil until completely transparent. Refresh in cold water. Mix the rice with squid emulsion until it is soaked. Place in a small glass cup, add lemon salt and serve with toast.

Basic recipe for squid with squid emulsion
Remove the skin, eyes and beak of the squid as well as the waste and ink sacs. (leave the rest, including any jelly). Wash and cut into pieces. Grind in a meat grinder using the finest setting. Place in a vacuum pack together with the cream and the oil. Apply a total vacuum and place in a bain-marie or steam oven for 3 hours at 70ºC (it is important not to exceed this temperature.) Strain to separate the meat and the liquid. Reserve separately. After 12 hours, make an emulsion with the juices. Basic recipe for lemon salt: Use a micro grater to grate the lemon peel. Spread out and leave to dry for 2 hours. Place in a mortar and crush with a little salt.