12 squid



2 gr. orange peel, finely chopped

2 gr. lemon peel, finely chopped

100 ml. raw beetroot juice

25 ml. virgin olive oil

1 pinch white sesame seeds

Parsley, chopped

Salt and powdered ginger and sarsaparilla


Squid filling:

25 gr. fresh corn

3 tbsp. olive oil

25 gr. pawpaw, diced

1 onion, fried until soft

Salt and pepper


Black sauce:

100 ml. classic squid ink sauce

30 ml. raw beetroot, liquidised


Stock of gherkins and star fruit:

5 gr. parsley

1 star fruit

15 gr. gherkins, drained

¼  l. water

30 ml. olive oil (0.4º)

8 gr. breadcrumbs

15 gr. fried almonds

Salt and sugar




Squid: Carefully wash the whole squid. Separate the body from the tentacles. Reserve the ink and the fins to make the squid ink sauce. Cut the bodies into two halves and make some shallow cuts in the flesh.

Dressing: Mix all the ingredients and leave to stand for 30 min. Soak the bodies and tentacles in the beetroot juice for 6 min.

Fry the squid in a hot pan with a very little oil until lightly browned.

Squid filling: Blend the corn with the oil and strain. Mix all the ingredients and season with salt and pepper.

Black sauce: Bring both ingredients to the boil separately, then mix.

Gherkin and star fruit stock: Blend all the ingredients and strain. Season and add a little sugar.


Place the squid bodies in such a way that they wrap their filling and their tentacles. Dip a wrinkled cloth in the squid and beetroot ink and dab the plate with coloured patches. At the table, add the gherkin and star fruit stock.