1large squid (700 gr.)
¼ dl. garlic oil
8 gr. orange peel, chopped and dried
1 pinch chopped parsley
Powdered ginger and sarsaparilla

Squid sand:                          
100 gr. squid (cleaned)
1 tbsp. olive oil

Squid sauce:                         
1 onion
2 green peppers
1 clove garlic
1 cuttlefish (300 gr.)
1 small tomato
¼ dl. olive oil
½ glass red wine
2.5 l. water

Round ink:                           
3.5 gr. glucose
250 ml. squid ink sauce
5 gr. alginate
1 l. water
100 gr. sunflower oil

Red mushrooms:                 
50 gr. snow fungus (tremela fuciformis)
200 gr. beetroot juice
1 tbsp. olive oil

Baked onion stock:              
3 onions
100 gr. water
1 pinch grey santolina
Salt and pepper

Enoki mushrooms:              
80 gr. enoki mushrooms (Flammulina velutipes)
2 tbsp. garlic oil


Griddled squid: Clean the squid and set aside the wing flaps and legs. Open up the bodies and cut the flesh into square shapes but without cutting right through. Macerate the fillets for 12 h. in the garlic oil mixed with salt, orange peel, chopped parsley and powdered ginger and sarsaparilla. Griddle the fillets until brown. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
Squid sand: Cut the squid into pieces and sauté in a little oil. Leave to cool. Place in the freeze-drier for 36 h. When dried out, crush to a powder. Set aside in an airtight container.
Squid sauce: Cut the onion, peppers and garlic into julienne strips. Fry gently. Clean the cuttlefish and set aside the ink. Chop the flesh into medium-sized pieces and add to the softened vegetables. Add the diced tomato and cook very lightly. Add wine and reduce. Dilute the ink in water and add. Mix well and cover with water. Cook for about 30 min. over a medium heat. Remove all the flesh and blend the rest of the sauce. Strain and season.
Round ink: Dissolve the glucose in the squid ink sauce, blend and chill for 12 h. Mix the alginate with the water and leave to stand for 6 h. Drop by drop, add the black squid sauce to the alginate and water. It is very important that the drops do not touch each other or they will stick together. Leave in the solution for 3 min. Drain using a slotted spoon and rinse in cold water. Drain again and set aside in sunflower oil until time for serving.
Red mushrooms: Cut the mushrooms into pieces and macerate for 1 hour in the beetroot juice. Lightly sauté and season.
Baked onion stock: Bake the unpeeled onions for 50 min. at 180 Cº. Peel and place in a vacuum pack with the water and grey santolina and cook for 2 h. at 65Cº. Strain through a cloth filter and season with salt and pepper.
Enoki mushrooms: Lightly sauté and season.


Place the fillets of squid standing up at the centre of the plate. Sprinkle with the squid sand. To the side add the round squid sauce, red mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. Serve with the baked onion stock.