INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)
8 squid

Squid stock
3 kg squid trimmings
1 kg onion
4 kg fumet

Pickled onion
300 gr water
300 gr Txakoli
100 gr vinegar
50 gr sugar
20 gr salt
1 bay leaf
Black pepper

Squid mix
12 onions
6 green peppers
6 cloves garlic
Squid ink

Squid croquette
80 gr sunflower oil
80 gr flour
500 gr squid stock

300 gr squid mix
8 sheets gelatine

160 gr Trisol
240 gr flour
260 gr water
2 gr salt
2 gr sugar
5 gr yeast

3 white carnation petals
Flying fish roe

Squid: Remove the skin and heads from the squid. Cut into rectangles. Form the rectangles into a block, wrap in cling film and freeze. Using a slicing machine at the lowest setting, cut the blocks into very thin layers, place the slices on sulphur paper and wrap. Keep any trimmings for the stock.
Squid stock: Fry the squid trimmings until lightly browned. Cut the onion into julienne strips and fry until soft. Cover with all the fumet and boil for 40 minutes. Leave to infuse overnight. Strain the stock and clarify (1 litre – 85 gr egg white).  Reduce, strain and pack.
Squid mix: Gently fry the vegetables, then add the ink. Blend and strain.
Squid croquette: Make a roux with the flour and oil. Add the stock, squid mix and softened gelatine. Form 4 gr croquettes. Freeze.
Cook the squid in the Roner at 63ºC for 9 minutes, then slice into noodle shapes. Dip the croquettes twice in flour and tempura, then fry. Arrange the squid noodles on the plate. Top with three rings of pickled onion, and top each of these with a carnation petal.
Serve the squid stock in a teapot, and the croquette and a teaspoonful of flying fish roe in a wooden box.