Green tea mousse:
390 gr plain yoghurt
12 gr Matcha green tea
600 gr queso blanco, 0% fat
200 gr Italian meringue
20g gelatine sheets
600 gr beaten cream, 32% fat


720 gr egg
400 gr flour, sifted
400 gr sugar
100 gr milk
180 gr honey
20 gr powdered Matcha green tea

Light syrup Mirim (Japanese sweet sake)


Italian meringue: Beat 100 gr egg whites in a mixer and add a syrup made by cooking 200 gr sugar with 90 gr water at 120ºC. Slowly pour the syrup onto the beaten egg whites at a medium speed and continue to beat until cold.
Green tea mousse: Place the yoghurt, green tea and queso blanco in a mixer and beat until smooth, then add the Italian meringue. Soak the gelatine in cold water, drain well and dry then melt with 100 gr of this mixture over the heat or in the microwave, taking care to never let the mixture boil. Pour onto the other ingredients and mix until smooth. Finally, add the beaten cream.
Sponge: Heat the egg with the sugar in a pan at 60ºC. When hot, beat in a mixer. After three minutes, add the milk and the honey at 45ºC to the mixer. Mix to add air, then pour into a bowl and gradually, using a spatula, add the flour sifted together with the bicarbonate and half the green tea mousse. Pour the mixture into a special ovenproof wooden case 59 x 39 x 5.5 lined with silicon paper, filling up to 1 cm from the top, and bake for 10 minutes at 180ºC. Then continue baking for 40 to 50 minutes at 150ºC. The sponge should be a vivid gold colour. Remove from the oven, line a pan with kitchen film trying to avoid any creases. Turn the sponge onto the prepared pan, lift off the mould, leave to cool and cover well with kitchen film. Leave to stand overnight. Chill.


Place a sheet of silicon paper and a frame 2 cm high on a dish 60 x 40 cm. Pour in the other half of the green tea mousse and level off at the top of the frame. Place the Matcha green tea sponge face down on top of the mousse and bathe with a light syrup and mirin (Japanese sweet sake) at 15ºBè. Cover with kitchen film and freeze.