Sweet asparagus

INGREDIENTS: (20 servings)                             

Sweet asparagus:                 
White and green asparagus
300 gr powdered egg white
400 gr white chocolate covering
300 cl cream 
Yellow covering 

1 litre water 
1kg sugar

For the asparagus: Trim the asparagus down to the soft part. Peel with a peeler to ensure there are no hard parts or fibres. Set aside.

For the syrup:Boil the water with the sugar for 10 inutes. Leave to cool.

For the aioli:Melt the chocolate covering with the cream in a bain-marie. Add the colouring, saffron and powdered egg whites. Mix using a whisk and transfer to a siphon with 2 cartridges.

To finish: Place 2 white and 1 green asparagus with a little syrup in a vacuum pack and cook using a Roner thermostat at 62ºC. Cool.

TO SERVE: Serve the asparagus on a square black slate, with a bowl of aioli at one corner. Decorate with flowers and saffron.