200 gr. Rossello wheat                                

Mineral water

20 ml. extra virgin olive oil ("Tonda iblea" and "Moresca" varieties)                        

300 gr. ewes' milk curds                                           

100 ml. mandarin leaf syrup                     

15 gr. mandarin honey                                         

120 ml. mint leaf syrup              

18 gr. Bronte pistachios, ground                     

1  gr. black Cyprus salt                                              





The day before: Carefully rinse the wheat grains in mineral water. Simmer for about 70 min., by when the husk should still be compact and the grain soft but not disintegrating. Drain, retaining the cooking water. Pour the water into a pan and simmer. In an aluminium pan with oil, dry the grains without actually frying them. Continue to cook over a medium heat, gradually adding the hot cooking water to soften the grain which should remain fairly dry. Remove from the heat and cool down quickly using a blast chiller, stirring occasionally. Chill.


Next day: Beat the ewes' milk curds until smooth.


Place the mandarin leaf syrup with the mandarin honey in the bottom of a glass bowl. Add the ewes' milk curd and top with the Rossello wheat. Sprinkle the grain with the mint leaf syrup. Decorate with ground pistachios and a little black salt.