Creamed rice: 
1000 gr milk
250 gr cream
100 gr Bomba rice
150 gr sugar
Cinnamon and lemon

Chocolate leaf: 
White chocolate
Edible silver powder
Puffed rice
Coloured green chocolate


For the creamed rice: Boil the rice in water and cool down quickly. Add the milk, cream, cinnamon and lemon rind. Cook over medium heat for about 40 minutes. Add the sugar. Cool.

For the creamed rice crisp: Blend the creamed rice in a robot to make a creamy dough. Stretch out the dough over a round template using a spatula. Dry to form a crisp. Keep in a dry place.

For the chocolate leaf: Use a real leaf as a pattern. Wash it with water and dry it well. Coat the back of the leaf with warm white chocolate ensuring that all the veins are clearly marked. When set, very carefully remove the leaf and brush with edible silver powder. When coating the leaf with white chocolate, spices can be added or, as in this case, puffed rice with truffle. Make small stems using a cartridge of green-coloured chocolate, and curve using a halved straw.

In the bottom of a glass, place a circle of creamed rice and add a gold sheet at the centre. Top with the crisp then the leaf of chocolate with puffed rice.