INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)
For the dip
50 gr sweet corn
25 gr white wine
1 leek (griddled)
50 gr almonds, fried
25 gr rhubarb jam
1 gr freeze-dried green barley
10 gr lemon juice
Salt and pepper

For the tuna belly
400 gr tuna belly with skin (clean)
Pinch grated lemon rind
Salt and powdered soursop
(tropical fruit)
For the tuna dressing
10 gr walnut
10 gr sunflower seeds
10 gr sweetcorn
100 gr olive oil

For the corncob leaves in wine:

4 corncob leaves
2 litres red wine

For the fruit base:

2 gr chives, chopped
2.5 gr freeze-dried corn
5 gr freeze-dried pineapple
2.5 gr freeze-dried red pepper
25 gr almonds, fried
2.5 gr freeze-dried raspberries
70 gr orange juice
10 gr sugar

For the purple sauce:

1 onion
1 litre water
2 gr xanthan
1 cc shiso vinegar
Salt and pepper

For the crisp shiso leaves:

50 gr water
50 gr sugar
4 red shiso leaves


2 red shiso leaves cut in julienne strips

: Blend all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper and add a little sugar.
Tuna belly
: Cut the tuna belly into rectangular pieces. Season, add the soursop and grated lemon rind.
Tuna dressing
: Blend all the ingredients.
Corncob leaves in red wine
: Blanch in boiling water. Drain and cover with red wine. Leave to stand for 2 days at room temperature. Drain, then dry at 55ºC.
Fruit base:
Mix the juice with the sugar and add the other ingredients. Spread out onto a sheet of paper, then cover with another. Leave to stand in a dry place for 4 hours. Remove the paper and cut into a square.
Purple sauce
: Cut the onion into julienne strips and add water. Cook over a medium heat until reduced to half. Strain and blend with the xanthan. Add the vinegar and season with salt and pepper.
Crisp shiso leaves:
Boil the sugar with the water in a pan for 2 minutes. Leave to cool. Brush the leaves with the syrup and place on a silpat to dry.
Cook the tuna belly with a drop of oil on the griddle, skinside down only. Remove the skin and brush with the dip. Finish on the griddle or under the grill, adding a little of the dressing.
First place the fruit base and, next to it, the tuna belly. Top the tuna with the crisp shiso and the shiso in julienne strips. Cover everything with the dried, wine-soaked corncob leaf. Decorate the plate with some drops of purple sauce, as shown in the photo.