INGREDIENTS: (to serve 10)

Pepper ice cream:
500 gr milk
150 gr cream
2 gr pink pepper
100 gr sugar
20 gr dextrose
25 gr powdered milk
7 gr Cremodan

10 St John’s pears or 5 white peaches

20 nasturtium flowers


Pepper ice cream: Crush the pepper in a mortar. Boil the milk with the cream. Remove from the heat, add the pink pepper, cover and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Strain. Mix the sugar with the Cremodan. Add the dextrose, powdered milk and mix. Add the mixture of sugar and Cremodan and heat to 84ºC. Pour into a container placed inside a bowl of iced water to cool quickly. Chill in the refrigerator for 12 hours before transferring to an ice-cream maker.
Fruit: The fruit will be treated differently depending on what fruit is available from the market. In the case of peaches (or similar), cut into irregular pieces about 1.5 cm long. In the case of St John’s pears (or similar), cut into very thin slices just before serving. Never use fruit that has been sliced or cut too long before.
Nasturtiums: Separate the petals from each of the flower petioles. Keep the petals (fresh, attractive and firm) and the petioles in separate containers.


A few minutes before serving, cream a small portion of ice cream in a frozen bowl. When smooth, add the least attractive slices of pear or pieces of peach. Then add the nasturtium petals and cream, ensuring that neither the fruit nor the petals are broken. Serve a portion of this frozen cream in a bowl and decorate, in an irregular fashion, with slices of pear or pieces of peach and the nasturtium petioles.