Dulse seaweed stock:

500 gr vegetable stock
30 gr dehydrated dulse seaweed (Palmaria palmata)

Cod skin stock:
400 gr cod skins, de-salted and drained
120 gr water
24 gr spring onion
3 gr cloves garlic, crushed
1 pinch cayenne pepper

Green pepper and basil oil:
100 gr virgin olive oil
150 gr green pepper, with the stalk and seeds removed
2 gr basil leaves

Cod and green pepper broth:
200 gr cod skin broth
80 gr green pepper and basil oil
2 gr garlic, with the germ removed and thinly sliced
Table salt

Onions in brine:
4 selected onions
500 gr 15% brine

Onions cooked in brine:
4 onions in brine
200 gr seaweed stock
Table salt

Cod skins en confit:
2 cod skins
20 gr cayenne pepper oil


For the dulse seaweed stock: Place the seaweed with the
vegetable stock in a vacuum pack. Create the maximum vacuum. Leave to stand for30 minutes at room temperature. Then place in the Roner for 45 minutes at 60ºC. Strain the resultingbroth.

For the cod skin stock: Place all the ingredients in a vacuum pack, seal and cook in the Roner for 4 hours at 62ºC. Strain and pour through a cloth filter to remove any possible scales or particles. Set aside in the refrigerator.

For the green pepper and basil oil: Place the oil and the pepper in the Thermomix and blend at maximum speed for 15 seconds. Transfer to a vacuum pack together with the basil leaves and create the maximum vacuum. Cook at 100ºC for 60 minutes. Then pour through a cloth, pressing well to catch all the liquid absorbed by the pepper. Decant to separate the water released by the pepper from the oil. Keep the juice for other purposes. 

For the cod and green pepper broth: Place he green pepper and basil oil with the garlic in a pan over a low heat. When he mixture begins to crackle, remove from the heat and leave to cool a little. train.
Lightly heat the cod skin stock. Blend to ntroduce air. Beat lightly adding all the green pepper oil in a thin stream to orm an emulsion. Season with salt.

For the onions in rine: Peel the nions and place in the brine at room temperature. Place a weight on top to revent them from floating. Leave to stand for 60 minutes. Drain the onions.

For the cooked onions n brine: Place the nions in brine in a vacuum pack together with the seaweed stock. The weight of he liquid on the onions is 30%. Pack and cook in a steam oven on a grid for 90 econds. The onions should remain whole but the texture should be soft, though lightly firm to the touch. Drain off the liquid by placing on a grid for 10 inutes. Place in a drier for 30-40 minutes at 80ºC.

For the cod skins en onfit: Brush the red skins with cayenne pepper oil and place between two sheets of sulphur paper. Transfer to a vacuum pack. Completely remove any air and cook in a steam oven on a grid for 25 minutes. Cut the skins to the desired size. 


Remove the outer skin from the onions. Cut tosimulate a piece of cod. Smoke the onions over coals until they take on a grilled flavour. On each piece of onion place a piece of cod skin, simulating a piece of cod with its skin. Place on a tray, cover with kitchen film and regenerate in a steam oven.
Heat the cod and green pepper broth and season with salt. Prepare pipettes with piquant oil and green pepper oil. Briefly place the onion under the grill.  Serve a few spoonfuls of cod and green pepper broth. Dress the onion with a few drops of piquant oil and a few of green pepper oil and place on top of the cod and green pepper broth.