INGREDIENTS (to serve 2):
For the filling

2 tomatoes
5 gr artichokes
6 gr sea fennel
10 gr capers
5 gr Dutch onion
15 gr Gordal olives
15 gr ‘poor cod’, baked and crumbed
4 gr white celery

For the dip

300 gr natural tomato purée
0.3 gr vegetable gelatine

For the tomato and olive consommé and granita:

500 gr plum tomatoes
20 gr Aragon olives
20 gr Manzanilla olives
150 gr brine from the Manzanilla olives
2 sheets gelatine
To serve:
1 Gordal olive
1 smoked sardine
15 gr salted tuna roe
15 gr white celery
1 artichoke
2 leaves pickled sea fennel
1 Dutch onion
2 capers
10 gr flying fish roe
15 gr ling roe
2 rosemary flowers
5 gr curly endive

: Place the whole tomatoes in a vacuum pack with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and back in a steam oven at 90º C for 30 minutes.
Cut all the ingredients for the filling into small dice (except for the crumbed ‘poor cod’). When the tomatoes are cooked, remove from the pack and drain well. Peel and remove the seeds and heart. Cut the tomatoes into slightly larger dice than the rest, and mix in a bowl with the dried, crumbed cod and other ingredients. Dress the mixture as if it were a salad with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and sherry vinegar.
Transfer the mixture to a piping bag and pipe into sphere moulds. Cover with kitchen film to make a smooth base, and freeze.

Mix the vegetable gelatine with the tomato purée in a tall pan and bring to the boil. With the help of pins stuck into the frozen spheres, dip these in the purée three or four times. As soon as the hot purée enters into contact with the frozen spheres, it will harden. Place the spheres in the refrigerator to defrost.
Tomato consommé and granita:
Blend all the ingredients using a hand-held beater. Transfer the mixture to a muslin cloth and leave to drain slowly.
Once the clarified consommé is ready, heat one tenth and dissolve the previously soaked gelatine sheets in it. Cover one side of a metal ring with kitchen film, forming a sort of glass, and add 2 or 3 spoonfuls of the tomato and gelatine mixture and freeze, making sure the rings are laid flat. This should result in frozen discs no more than 0.3 cm thick.
Pour 3 or 4 spoonfuls of the same consommé into bowls or soup dishes, preferably of the same diameter as the disc (to achieve a better visual effect), and leave to set.

To plate:
Cut the Gordal olive, sardine, celery, artichoke heart and tuna roe into evenly-sized die.
Cut the green part of the Dutch onion into very thin slices and separate two for each plate to be served. Also separate two curly endive tips. Cut the caper in half and separate two leaves of sea fennel.

Place the frozen disc on top of the jelled consommé, then arrange the twelve ingredients representing the face of a clock. Dress the tomato spheres (which should be completely defrosted) with oil, salt and pepper, and carefully place in the centre of each plate, taking care that they do not break.