Tartare of pigeon breasts:

1 young pigeon

1 quail’s egg yolk

Extra virgin olive oil

Black pepper

10 gr home-made pickles

1 onion, diced


0.5 gr malt whisky

0.2 gr mustard

0.1 gr Havana chili dressing

Free-range egg crémeux:

2 small, free-range egg yolks

50 gr roast chicken fat

Lemon zest

6 drops lemon juice

Powdered corn:

80 gr dry corn

Mineral water to cover

3 gr sugar

3 gr salt

Steamed corncake:

60 gr egg yolk

20 gr sugar

88 gr egg whites

15 gr sugar

60 gr puréed corn

60 gr cornflour

30 gr wheat flour

3 gr baking powder

3 gr salt

50 gr corn milk

Liver mousse:

1 clove garlic, en confit

90 gr pigeon liver, sautéed

25 gr brandy

Black pepper


25 gr pigeon jus

28 gr cream

10 gr butter

Terrine of pigeon legs:

195 gr pigeon leg meat

105 gr duck thigh, en confit

80 gr Iberico pork dewlap, en confit

60 gr foie gras mi cuit

90 gr boletus, shallots, mushrooms

0,5 gr brandy

½ slice bread


50 gr egg

½ fresh truffle, grated

Pigeon jus:

3 pigeon legs and carcasses

½ onion

45 gr mushrooms

18 gr boletus

½ garlic

1 clove

2 peppercorns

20 gr beurre noisette

15 gr brandy, 15 years old

Mineral water

Pigeon blood


Thin, crisp slices of brioche brushed with pigeon fat.


Tartar of pigeon breasts: Finely dice the breasts and pickles. Mix all the ingredients. Dress before serving.

Egg crémeux: Beat the egg yolks and gradually add the roast chicken fat at 70ºC. Add the other ingredients and chill.

Liver mousse: Beat all the ingredients in a kitchen robot to form a thin mousse.

Powdered corn: Cook the corn until soft, and drain. Spread over an oven pan and dry at 78ºC for 8 hours. Bake at 160ºC, then crush to a fine powder. Use to coat the cake.

Steamed corncake: Beat the egg yolks. Separately, mix the dry ingredients, except for the corn flour, baking powder and egg whites, with the puréed corn to make a smooth dough. Beat the egg whites, add the corn dough and gradually add the baking powder with the wheat flour. Spread over sulphur paper on a perforated oven dish, and steam at 90ºC for 60 minutes. Leave to cool, then cut and coat with powdered corn. Finish with the liver mousse.

Terrine of pigeon legs: Bone the pigeon legs and thighs and chop the meat by hand. Finely dice the dewlap, mix with the vegetables and add the remaining ingredients. Knead to an even dough, then shape into cylinders and bake at 72ºC for 35 minutes.  

Pigeon jus: Cut all the vegetables into julienne strips. Brown the pigeon bones and legs in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, then remove. In the same pan gently fry the vegetables. Add the legs and bones, spices and brandy. Reduce and cover with water. Simmer over a gentle heat for 8 hours. Strain and reduce. Leave to cool and remove any fat.


Pigeon breast tartare: After dressing, serve and finish with finely grated truffle and clover leaves.

Steamed corncake: Cut when cold and sear lightly in butter. Dip in powdered corn and top with pigeon liver mousse using a piping bag. Finish with a few wild carrot leaves.

Free-range egg crémeux: After leaving to stand, serve in an oval shape and top with a sea rocket leaf. Accompany with a few thin slices of brown bread brushed with pigeon fat and baked at 175ºC for 8 minutes.

Terrine of pigeon legs: When cold, cut into portions. Place under the grill and carefully glaze with its jus until all coated. Serve with rosemary flowers and sea rocket. 

We suggest that the order of eating be as follows: first, the terrine with the crémeux and the crisp slices of bread, then the corncake coated with mousse and the tartare. A tribute to the pigeon.