INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)

Ham consommé:

500 gr Iberico ham trimmings

1 litre mineral water

Sow breasts:

40 sow breasts

200 gr Iberico pork lard


Ham consommé: Remove any surplus fat from the ham trimmings, and keep for other purposes.

Chop the trimmings finely and cook for 30 minutes over low-to-medium heat, to obtain 500 gr stock. Strain through a fine, paper-lined strainer to give a thin, transparent consommé. Set aside.

Sow breasts: Cut the fresh breasts into portions, leaving the nipple whole and surrounded by a few centimetres of flesh.

Melt the lard. When liquid, strain just in case. Confit the breasts for 4 hours at a constant temperature of 90ºC.

Remove and leave to cool. When cold, cut off some of the fat from each portion, leaving about 0.5 cm fat on the underside.

Use a round cutter to make cylindrical shapes. Set aside.


Sear the breasts over hot coals, fat side down, for a few minutes without letting them brown too much. Arrange on the pig’s belly and accompany with hot consommé (see photo).

*The texture of the breasts should be enjoyed between sips of ham consommé in order to obtain the right balance of salt.