INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)
Hake cheeks

120 gr hake cheeks, trimmed

Hake juice

0.105 kg hake
26 gr organic extra virgin olive oil
10 gr anchovy colatura sauce
15 r water
0.8 gr Sosa emulsifier paste (8 x litre)
0.6 gr Gelespessa (xanthan) (5 x litres)

Sorrel pesto

5 gr common sorrel
5 gr marine purslane
5 gr mertensia
3 gr organic extra virgin olive oil
4 gr lemon juice
0.024 gelatine sheet
0.048 gr Gelespessa (xanthan)


Garlic shoots

Hake cheeks: Prepare a bath of water with ice and salt (45 gr salt x litre). Add the hake cheeks and leave to soak for 1 hour. Line a flat metal container with kitchen film, season the hake cheeks and place on the film. Cover with another sheet of film and place in the steam oven for 6 minutes at 65ºC. Set aside.
“Roman” hake juice: Remove the gills from the hake heads and place the heads in iced water for 20 minutes to soak out any blood. Cut the heads into small pieces. Place all the ingredients uncooked in a pressure cooker and cook for 30 minutes. Leave to stand, then uncover. Break up the heads so that they release all their collagen and leave to stand for 10 minutes more. Strain through a strainer and through a superbag. Texturise with the xanthan and emulsifier.
Sorrel pesto: Place all the ingredients, except for a few mertensia and sorrel leaves to be used for decoration, in a Pacojet beaker. Add liquid nitrogen and freeze. Process in the Pacojet to a powder consistency. Keep frozen.
Heat the hake juice in a pan and add the pesto. Warm the hake cheeks under the grill. Confit the garlic shoots, drain then arrange on the base of the plate. Top with the hake cheeks and spoon over some of the juice. Finish with leaves of mertensia and sorrel.