Beef fat:

3 kg mature beef fat

1.5 litres water


281 gr courgette

2 gr table salt

1 gr black pepper

10 gr prepared beef fat

Steak tartare dressing:

80 gr prepared beef fat

100 gr Worcestershire sauce

50 gr powdered gellifier

250 gr Savora mustard

750 gr old-style mustard

250 gr mayonnaise

100 gr spring onion (diced)

100 gr ketchup

1 gr allspice

100 gr pickled garlic

200 gr gherkins

300 gr Mediterranean anchovies in brine

(2 parts anchovy/1 part anchovy oil)

100 gr soy sauce (reduced)

130 gr capers

Steak Tartare:

150 gr lean rump steak

15 gr steak tartare dressing

4 gr table salt

1 gr freshly-ground black pepper

10 gr extra virgin olive oil

 20 gr egg yolk

Dashi oil:

40 gr dried tuna 

2 vacuum packs (200×300)

1 litre sunflower oil

Parsley pesto:

50 gr broad-leaf parsley

5 gr extra virgin olive oil

1 gr table salt

30 gr lemon juice

0.25 gr gelatine sheets

0.5gr Gelspessa (xanthan)

Parsley (courgette) sauce gribiche:

100 gr dashi oil 

75 gr parsley pesto 

400 gr water

70 gr prepared beef fat

50 gr oil from the anchovies

150 gr capers (caper water)

25 gr Savora mustard (mustard-based dressing mixed with 10 spices)

50 gr colatura di alici (fermented anchovy sauce)

2 gr ground black pepper

30 gr powdered gellifier

4 gr paste emulsifier (Sosa)

3 gr Gelespesa (xanthan)


Beef fat: Mince the fat. Place in a pressure cooker with the water, and cook for 30 minutes. Strain and leave to decant on absorbent paper. Chill to congeal, then separate the fat from the water. Discard the water.

Courgette: Cook the courgette in the oven for 2 minutes, 10% air and 100% microwave. Turn and cook for one or 2 minutes more. When cool, peel, cut off the ends and make a lengthwise cut along the surface.

Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds through the cut. Season the bottom of the courgette with salt and pepper and brush both surfaces with beef fat. Set aside for the rolls.

Steak tartare dressing: Blend all the ingredients in a robot. Transfer to small vacuum packs and chill until use (1 gr dressing x 90 gr meat).

Steak tartare: Place the egg yolk in a bowl, make an emulsion with the oil and add the dressing. Mix with the meat and add salt and pepper.

Courgette roll with steak tartare. Place some of the steak in the centre of the rolls. Wrap in kitchen film.  Just before serving, cut into 3 portions.

Dashi oil: Place in a vacuum pack and leave for 12 hours in the Roner.  

Parsley pesto: Place the ingredients in a Pacojet beaker, and freeze. Blend until smooth, then transfer to a piping bag.

Parsley (courgette) sauce gribiche: Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Transfer to a squeezer bottle.


Cut the courgette roll into 3 pieces and arrange separately on the plate, with some pieces lying horizontally and others standing upright. In between, serve a little curd cheese and a few drops of sauce gribiche.

Finish with capers, raspberries, rocket flowers and microgreens.