Blue lobster tartare (275g):

190 gr blue lobster (flesh)

10 gr capers (drained)

10 gr chives (chopped)

10 gr spring onion (chopped)

10 gr lemon rind (to infuse)

Croutons (182g):

337 gr rustic bread (to make croutons)

Mussel stock (4.25kg):

100 gr dried garlic (purple)

2 gr bay leaf

750 gr white wine

5 gr black pepper

135 gr flat-leaf parsley

350 gr lemons (in pieces)

10 kg mussels

Blue lobster stock (3 kg):

533.33 gr Canada-type lobster (coral)

4 kg 666.67g blue lobster (skins and shells)

1 kg capers (caper water)

1,333.33 gr butter

66.67 gr anchovy brine

333.33 gr capers

6.67 gr Kemakulo sauce

4 kg mussel stock

666.67 gr oyster water

Lobster emulsion (3 kg):

3 litres blue lobster stock

30 gr emulsion paste

24 gr xanthan

Blue lobster meunière (450g):

500 gr lobster emulsion

30 gr lemon juice

30 gr lobster butter

20 gr cream (35% fat)

To serve:

12 gr blue lobster tartare

25 gr blue lobster flesh

1 gr croutons

0.2 muscatel grape (peeled and seeded)

12 gr blue lobster meunière

0.7 gr capers, drained

0.5 gr sunflower seeds

0.5 gr fresh dill



Blue lobster tartare: Chop all the ingredients. (For the lobster, use the cooked flesh from the claws).

Croutons: Cut the bread into dice 0.5 x 0.6 cm and bake at 150ºC for 20 minutes with no fan. Half way through baking, check and stir carefully to ensure cooking is uniform. When cold, dress the croutons with oil, salt and freshly-ground black pepper and set aside in an airtight container.

Mussel stock: Remove the beards from the mussels. Place all the ingredients in a pressure cooker, cover and cook at maximum power with maximum pressure for 20 minutes. Leave to stand for 1 hour. Strain through a fine chinois sieve and superbag. Leave to cool and store in portions of 220 grams.

Blue lobster stock: Sear the lobster bones in the butter, add the capers and deglaze with all the liquids. Blend in a kitchen robot. Return to the heat and bring to the boil. Cook until the protein sets. Strain through a colander then a cloth strainer.

Lobster emulsion: Beat all the ingredients and set aside.

Lobster butter: Place the butter in a large pan and melt. Add the hardest of the lobster shells and stir until the shells start to brown and the butter starts to clarify.

Once you have lobster-flavoured beurre noisette, strain and set aside.

Blue lobster meuniére: Mix all the ingredients and blend. Transfer to a siphon and keep warm.




Serve the tartare on the base of the plate, and add 3 croutons, 3 capers, 3 pieces of grape and the lobster tail. Cover everything with lobster foam and finish with caramelised sunflower seeds, shichimi togarashi and dill sprouts.