Semi-cooked rice:
1 kg Bomba rice
150g olive oil
150g sofrito (fried tomato)

500g lean veal, cut in pieces
500g rib of veal, cut in pieces
1500g veal bones, in pieces
600g onion, in julienne slices
350g leek, washed and sliced
20g garlic, sliced
100g dried boletus
6000g basic chicken stock

Basil pesto:
600g basil
200g olive oil
30 drops chilli-flavoured oil
3 sheets gelatine
1 clove garlic, without the germ
1.5g xanthan gum

Creamed tomato:
25 tomatoes

Powdered tomato
Chicken stock
Rocket sprouts
Almedijar cheese, diced
“Nitro” lemon segments
Mini cherry tomatoes


Semi-cooked rice: Cook the rice for 7 minutes, then spread onto pans and place in a blast chiller but do not freeze.
Stock: Brown the pieces of veal and place in a pressure cooker together with all the other ingredients. Cook over a medium heat for 2 hours. Leave to cool, then strain through a superbag and texturise as follows: 1000g stock / 75g extra virgin olive oil / 5g xanthan gum / 6g binding paste.
Basil pesto: Place all the ingredients in a Pacojet container. Freeze then beat well. Transfer to a piping bag to serve.
Creamed tomato: Blanch the tomatoes, refresh and peel. Cut in half. Arrange on pans lined with parchment paper and season with salt, sugar and Arbequina olive oil. Bake in the oven at 85ºC with 5% moisture for 6 to 8 hours, turning occasionally. Transfer to Pacojet containers then blend. Transfer to a piping bag.


Pour chicken stock over the rice and leave to dry. Just before serving, add the veal stock and the basil pesto and check the seasoning. Place a ring mould on the plate and fill with rice. Sprinkle with powdered tomato, place a cherry tomato in the centre and add three drops of creamed tomato around the edges. Sprinkle with broken pieces of cheese, the rocket sprouts and the “nitro” lemon.