INGREDIENTS (to serve 1)

For 1.5 gr of Dashi oil
0.067 gr Katshobushi (dried tuna)
0.003 bags 3 Sold. 20O X 300 140 MIC
1.667 gr refined sunflower oil
For 30 gr of tuna tartar (Broccoli)
30 gr tuna (abdomen) Gross: 50.192 gr.
1.5 gr dashi oil
0.5 gr monosodium glutamate
0.2 gr kitchen salt
0.05 gr black pepper
For 1 piece of broccoli 30 gr tuna tartar (Broccoli)
25 gr broccoli (flower stems) Gross: 42.214 gr
For 15 gr of ginger yoghurt ( Broccoli)
15 gr Greek yoghurt (drained) Gross: 18.293 gr.
0.012 gr essence of ginger
0.03 gr Gelespessa xanthan gum
0.6 gr Calvestra virgin olive oil (2-litre can)
0.12 gr kitchen salt
For 4 gr creamed kimchi
1 gr Calvestra virgin olive oil (2-litre can)
1 gr Agua de Cortes mineral water
4 gr kimchi sauce
0.24 gr Gelcrem Frío (powdered gellifier)
For 4 gr of bread crusts
7.407 gr crusty bread (Total crusts 182 gr).
For 6 gr of lemon vinaigrette
0.005 kg extra virgin olive oil
0.002 kg lemons (juice) Gross: 0.003 kg
Kitchen salt Freshly-ground black pepper
For 0.013 gr of roast tomato water (Broccoli)
0.029 kg Valencian tomatoes
0.214 gr dried, flaked purple garlic Gross: 0.296 gr.
0.429 gr fresh ginger
0.429 gr galanga
0.143 gr thyme
0.143 gr rosemary
0.214 gr kitchen salt
0.429 gr granulated sugar
For 15 gr roast tomato water and Palo Cortado
0.013 kg roast tomato water (broccoli)
2.143 gr Palo Cortado sherry
0.043 gr Gelespessa xanthan gum


Dashi oil: Place the ingredients in a vacuum pack and leave in the Roner for 12 hours.
Tuna tartar (Broccoli): Finely chop the tuna with a knife. Mix everything in a bowl and set aside.
Broccoli: Blanch the broccoli in salted water until the stem is beginning to soften. Refresh in iced salted water. Drain and pat dry with kitchen paper. Arrange the broccoli in a semi-circular mould, covering the whole surface. Fill with the tartar then turn out and set aside.
Ginger yoghurt (Broccoli): Mix all the ingredients well and transfer to a piping bag.
Creamed Kimchi: Mix all the ingredients in a blender and transfer to a squeezer bottle.
Bread crusts: Cut the bread into 1x1cm dice and bake for 20 minutes at 150ºC.
Lemon vinaigrette: Mix all the ingredients well and transfer to a squeezer bottle.
Roast tomato water (Broccoli): Cut the tomatoes in half and roast with salt and sugar in a combined oven at 230ºC for 35 minutes. Transfer, with the other ingredients, to a pressure cooker and cook for 20 minutes. Crush everything well and leave to drain through paper to obtain clarified tomato juice.
Roast tomato water with Palo Cortado sherry: Mix well and leave to stand.


1 piece broccoli 15 gr ginger yoghurt (Broccoli) 4 gr creamed kimchi 4 gr bread crusts (4 units) 1 dill flower 6 gr lemon vinaigrette 15 gr roast tomato water with Palo Cortado sherry Serve a little ginger yoghurt and top with the broccoli. Dress with lemon vinaigrette, then place a drop of kimchi on the top as well as four drops on opposite sides. Alternate with 4 drops of yoghurt and top these with bread crusts. Sprinkle with dill flower petals. Just before serving, add a little roast tomato juice.