Sesame seed sponge:           
130 gr. roast sesame seed paste
125 gr. egg whites
80 gr. egg yolks
80 gr. sugar
20 gr. flour
20 ml. sesame seed oil

Caramelised sesame seeds: 
100 gr. roast sesame seeds
60 gr. sugar

1 kg. fresh pineapple, peeled.
100 gr. sugar
100 gr. prosorbet
2 gr. ascorbic acid

300 ml. milk
600 gr. Guanaja chocolate
750 ml. foamy cream
150 ml. Arbequina olive oil

mint leaves
fresh pineapple dice
pieces of chocolate
slivers of sesame seed praline


Sesame seed sponge: Blend all the ingredients in the robot then transfer to a siphon. Attach three cartridges and squirt out into a plastic glass (filling it to 1/3). Cook in the microwave oven at full strength for 1 min. Turn out.
Caramelised sesame: Caramelise the sesame seeds and divide into small lumps. Transfer to an airtight container.
Pineapple: Blend all the ingredients, strain and make into sorbet.
Chocolate: Bring the milk to boiling point and pour onto the chocolate. When the mixture has cooled down to 40ºC, mix in the cream using a spatula. Chill for 6 h. Whisk, then transfer to a vacuum pack. At 100%, close the valve and blast chill. Freeze and cut into portions.


Serve a portion of chocolate and surround with fresh pineapple dice and small pieces of chocolate. Top with a sesame seed sponge and crown with small pieces of caramelised sesame seed.